Right oil for Your Royal Enfield

This is a question which , i think arises in the mind of every Royal Enfield owner .

very first thing we do is , that ask the Royal Enfield mechanic or read the manual, which says, change is after every 6000 km . I have followed this thing( not 6000 Km but yes close to 5000 km) on my Royal Enfield Classic 350, but trust me today i am in a position which forces me to change the oil after every 3000 Km ( normal oil) , and yes giving me better output .

So i am there with a question why Royal Enfield says so and on the top of that Royal Enfield has launched a Mobil oil by their name only ( again with the same instructions Change after every 6000 Km ) with no information about the oil and manufacturer, because Royal Enfield cannot manufacture it .

Any information on the oil provided by Royal Enfield oil will be a help ..........