Deepak Singh Rawal

As a committed adventurous motorcycle rider, Deepak is voracious for riding. Call him anytime for a motorcycle trip, he may be excited more than you. When you give him second call, he will most probably be busy packing his stuff for a ride. He has accumulated a valuable riding experience over the years. Till now, he has completed many long trips across India such as Delhi – Bangalore; Delhi – Jaipur (several times); Delhi – Agra; Delhi – Narkanda; Delhi - Lansdown…and lot more.

Always gets excited and thrilled when confronted with the unexpected or a new challenge. Whenever Deepak do riding, there is always a flavor in it, which is very much required for his life, otherwise, the life become tasteless. He loves to explore new and exciting places, especially motorcycle travel and exploration in Himalayas. What does Deepak want from his life and bike is keep on experiencing new challenges Bike……Biking……Roads……Trip……Group Ride! These words are always in his soul, mind, heart, he always dreams about all those words, but unfortunately in past these things were not coming to him, then he met his BULL, the ROYAL ENFIELD, and his LOVE STORY begins...lots of rides, adventure...It’s a passion to him. That passion remains with him every day, just as strong as ever!

Deepak Singh Rawal is an engineer by profession, and here are some quick facts about him:

  • Education Qualification: B.Tech (Mechanical)
  • Dreams: There is a no limit for them. Keep on dreaming.
  • Hobbies: Riding
  • Dream Bike: SUZUKI GSXR1000, Triump rocket 3
  • His thoughts on adventure: It’s a fuel for his life.
  • If Deepak were a Bullet,  he would be as resonating as the thump of Bullet’s voice.

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