Dr. Amit Deol

Yay! We have a doctor too in our group. Amit’s passion for motorcycle riding dates back to the time when he didn’t even gain the strength to kick start a motorcycle. Riding motorcycle gives him relaxation, wonderful feelings, and awesome experience. Usually, he tells to his colleagues that he cannot even explain how amazing it feels when he cruises down the highway with my buddies. The collective sound of motorcycles, the strong blow of wind, and the surrounding scenery… all just make things so wonderful!

He enjoys taking long rides with his friends to places and locations he has never been before, and viewing the beautiful scenery. For Amit, riding his motorcycles is a sensation that clears his mind, allows him to think thoroughly, and often gives him quality time. Amit believes riding the motorcycle is like talking to wind and basking in full freedom, because we can go anywhere, physically or mentally. And there is always a fun until the riding gets completed. The pleasure, fun, and excitement that riding brings to my friends and me are memories that Amit never forget. What inspires him is making more memories that will stay with him for his entire life.

Dr. Amit Deol is posted in Srinagar and here are some quick facts about him:

  • Education Qualification: MBBS
  • Dreams: He wants to be a good gastrointestinal surgeon, who rides his bullet to hospital instead of luxury car.
  • Hobbies: Riding his bullet, driving his jeep, and trekking in Himalayas
  • Dream Bike: Standard CI 500
  • Ridding Experience: The whole UK and Rajasthan

His thinking about adventure: It depends on your will power not on your physical power What does Amit want from his life and bike: He wants to run, he wants to fly, may fall down in the course, but doesn’t want to stop If Amit were a Bullet, he would be as cool and elegant as the design of the Bullet.

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