Harsh Vardhan

Restriction free and controlled life. He wants to be a better individual who can actually be a source of inspiration to others as he has someone in his life. He believes that life is like a book if you have not travelled you have just covered the first page, so to complete the book he has his MOTORCYCLE.

His passion for riding a motorcycle is close to 24 years old, though he is 27 years old now. The oldest image which he can still recall and which will never fade away is of his grand father riding a ROYAL ENFIELD. From the same day he developed a never ending love for ROYAL ENFIELD .

He is the third generation in his family who is riding ROYAL ENFIELD…his Grand Father then his Father now he and his brother. He has been riding motorcycle for past 12 years. And his first trip was a 40 KM with his friends; this was the first time he realized what responsibility is all about.

In Hrash’s own words...


Our motorcycles and our behaviour over the road reflect how we are in real life. With every ride Harsh has done so far, he has gained experiences which he will never forget and which made him a better individual and still looking forward to be better.

This motorcyclist has a professional life too, and here are some quick facts about him:

  • Education Qualification: MBA
  • Dreams: India Tour on bike
  • Hobbies: Riding, Driving, Reading, Writing, Photography, Cycling, and Football
  • Dream Bike:  First one Harsh has Royal Enfield, Second Harley FAT BOY
  • Ridding Experience: Harsh believes riding teaches you the real rules of life, it gives you command in your hand and makes you a better individual.

Thoughts on adventure: Adventure is all about exploring the unexplored destination and taking the best out of that place which makes it worth remembering.
If Harsh were a Bullet, he would broad with never ending shine of nickel.

Trip does not only means that we are going to hit the road and cover a distance, it means exploring the unexplored part of our life, makes you more responsible, unlimited fun and much more……
Harsh Vardhan is a Sr. Marketing Manager he is as strong and elegant as the power of the engine.

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