Kaushal Kishore - The Founder of Enfield Warrior Riders Club

Kaushal is a motorcyclist not by chance but by choice and passion. He took the challenge of motor riding when he was just a 19 years old kid. Since then, he has been aspirational, and now he loves to ride the machine in sunshine, midday, midnight and almost anytime, while tinkering and partying! Motorcycling for him is like getting chilled...feeling high.... high on what some may say a rush of adventure and excitement. In one line, he feels like he should be riding motorcycle forever!

Over the years, his passion for motorcycle traveling took him ever further from one place to different adventure destinations around India. He has traveled across the giant valleys of Leh-Ladhakh, panorama of Uttrakahand, Chardham, Tarkeswar, and richly cultured Rajasthan. Unsurprisingly, he always finds himself on two wheels in weekends, or whenever there is a ride happening. He loves to relish in fascinating and remote locations, taking pleasure of exhilarating and adventurous ride. Kaushal firmly believes that riding is the best way to get rid of boredom and the usual day tripper trail. What’s more exciting for him is the adventure involved…great opportunity to encounter unique experience on the road…a big chance to connect with different countrymen, their culture and their food. In fact, it provides a vast and changing landscape to groove into and enjoy to the zenith.