Riders Essentials

  • Driving License
  • Carry your motorcycle’s original Registration Certificate
  • Carry original insurance papers in your primary bag and an attested photocopy
  • Carry the original PUC in your purse or jacket
  • Carry your medical insurance card either in your shirt pocket or in your jacket i.e. do not place it along with money.
  • Carrying a secondary ID is a good idea to help establish your identity in case of a critical situation, so carry something like a PAN card, Passport or Voters ID Card
  • List of important contacts because phones can run out of battery, go bad or can be lost. So make sure to carry a hardcopy containing phone numbers of essential contacts
  • Always carry a map, even if you think you aren’t going to use it
  • Chargers for all the gadgets, cameras and mobile, also carry spare camera batteries
  • If your mobile phone doesn’t have flash tight, carry a small LED one

To carry all these things:

  • Saddle bag is a good option
  • If your stuff can’t fit inside a saddle bag, then a Tank bag is the best option, and also
  • Carry a small bag to keep water and other stuff while sightseeing or out for shopping.
  • Make sure you have packed everything properly so that it will remain protected from water and not get dirty.