Safety and Emergency

Safety does not demand any heavy price, but only demands your full concentration and quick judging power. But emergency doesn’t signal anything before its coming. It can occur anytime to any one, so be prepared. Help may not always be readily available as you expect, so be calm and keep your composure in case of any emergency.

When any kind of emergency comes, the planned trip and related activities can be disrupted with little or no warning.

So, always plan ahead…

It is always tempting to simply hit the long road, and accelerating the motorcycle without considering any vulnerability. It is important to identify the potential hazards of motorcycle riding, and learning the tips to tackle them. Make your plan and then discuss with experienced motorcycle riders to know what exactly you need to do in case of any accidental emergency, motorcycle malfunction, or any other emergency.

  • Know about the most likely hazards, both from rider-made, or any accidental-born
  • Include the important contacts of local authorities to whom you can contact in case of emergency
  • Learn the safest course of action for you in any emergency
  • If you see no help around you, make haste to help yourself
  • Communicate with your point of contact as soon as possible
  • In case of severe emergency, try to contact the local authority
  • Know how to keep in touch. Local telephone service may be interrupted, sometimes; it is easier to contact a person in another state.

Know the art of emergency stop

It is important to practice the skills of emergency brakes so that you can avoid any hazard in case something goes wrong. The best way to ensure the smooth and safe stopping is to maintain a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of you. Maintaining an adequate distance not just provides you safety, but you can avoid the chance of applying sudden brakes. Prolong the distance even more in wet or slippery conditions.

...But don’t always think about the negativity

Once you've planned everything sufficiently, it is time to enjoy awesomeness of the riding and also involved possibility of the unexpected experience. Riding is all about maintaining discipline and your mental toughness, but enjoy every moment of your ride. Be flexible and re-rewrite your plans if the situation demands, or when it is necessary.