Independence Day Ride - Ride for Pride

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Start Date: 
Thursday, August 15, 2013
End Date: 
Thursday, August 15, 2013
Total Distance Covered: 
500 Km
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This was very nice ride for our group. We are the group of 20 riders and was going from Yamuna Express Way (The 6 Lane way from New Delhi to Agra of 185 KM).

Day by Day Story: 
Thursday, August 15, 2013
Delhi to Agra
Ride Origin: 
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Delhi - Agra – Delhi , Total Distance 500Km , Total Days 1
It was a ride for our country we did it purposely to at least make today’s youth aware that we can respect our nation along with the things we love to do , as we love to ride . on this 66th Independence . Which was a success in its own way we were 5 Enfield Warriors with our Royal Enfield’s in the begging but we were more then 30 when we reached Agra.

We Started Ride for Pride from Akshardham at 9 am, though it was scheduled to start by 8 am just because of rain. it was a good day to ride drizzling , nice climatic temperature and less traffic . we covered this 220 Km journey to Taj Mahal Agra in 5 hours as we were enjoying the climate and ride on our Royal Enfield with flag held high on it .

We rode our Royal Enfield in the rain for 150Km which was just amazing as it I like riding in the rain it was an opportunity to do what I like with Pride along with my fellow riders. We were taking a halt after every 50km which made this Ride for Pride again a ride to remember.

We reached Agra around 2 pm and sat down at a very famous restaurant which the local people recommended OM Restaurant And followed by a reunion or our few more riders over a Coffey.

We started our Journey back to Delhi around 6:30 pm and enjoyed the evening ride and rain